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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm sorry (but huge update and good news!)

Whoa, it's been almost a month since I last posted... I'm sure you didn't miss me, but still, sorry.
I'm doing, well; a mix of good and horrible.

Good: I'm losing weight, at the very least.
I broke the block on 54. When I weighed in this afternoon I was 51,8.

HEY. Oh. My. GOD.
I just weighed in again, to be sure of what I was saying. I was 51, blank. Holy --!
I haven't been here since I did gymnastics, I think. I'm gonna go check the window for any flying pigs, ok?

My bosslady noticed I lost weight. She tried to force feed me (failing, luckily), but still. First one to comment on it.

Since the beginning of april I lost between 7/7,5 kilos (15.4-16.5 lbs), my BMI has gone from being 22,7 to 19,9. And it's evening, and I've even eaten a bit today. Not much.
I'm planning on fasting tomorrow as well, but there might be a few beers on the horizon. Not many, mind you, I got work in the morning.

My waistline has gone from 76 cm to 68 cm as of now. It might be different in the morning, I'm not certain.

-So FUCKING bad. I feel like shit, and it has little to do with eating.
It's partly because of that guy [Chase], and I don't know if I want to strangle him or hang myself.

-My mother found out about my throwing up and is acting batshit insane. I can see why she's reacting, I know I would, but she has crossed the line.
We haven't spoken for days, and I'm avoiding both her and my home.

-I am THIS close to reaching what has been my ultimate goal since I started, and it's insufficient.
Apparently, I'm striving for "perfect" rather than "good" afterall. Shucks.

There was more to the "naughty" list, but I like the "nice" one, so I'll forget.
Here are some before and after pictures, even though I'm slightly embarassed:

The first two are from earlier this year, but with about the same weight I started with (add/take 200 g). I wonder why they're called "Happy Meals" and "Love Handles".

The one below is from May.

Then two from June 3rd:

And finally these, from today: