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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Awesome Spring Thinspo & a Midsummernight's Dream

Ok, so I decided to join Hitomi and Ana are you there?'s "Midsummer Night Fast", but starting tomorrow since I already ate today. I've eaten lots of oat and veggies today to build up a little before the fast (it's okay, the scale is pretty much stuck at this moment) and the things in our cupboards I craved. Potato crisps (a bit too many perhaps...), bread, cereal and 8 smarties. I still have dinner and supper to go. I'll have 2 eggs for supper I think. What are the best food to eat prior to a fast? It's a little late now since I'm starting tomorrow, but anyways I'd love to know for future reference. I've heard that you shouldn't binge.

Anyways. This is a huge thing for me. Not eating until 1st of May? It's gonna be rough. I might not be able to carry through all the way if people around me start noticing, but I will try my very best. Who knows, I might just manage. The longest fast I did without having the flu or anything was 3 days as far as I remember. And it was very effective, only those days, so I'm very excited.
And on the 1 week break (if I AM doing the break though) I'll eat fruit and veggies, and double 0% yoghurt. and protein shakes I guess.

Well, yeah. So I usually fast 1-2 days at a time. I drink coffee, water, tea without sweetener and cola zero. In addition, I'm a smoker so I tend to smoke a bit more during fasts. I also chew sugarfree gum a lot, because I don't want fasting breath. Because fasting breath smells like something died in your mouth...

By the by, I have more spring/summer in the coming thinspo if you liked these.

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  1. hey there..
    u're joinin??

    gud then..btter late than never no mtter wat..
    strong 2 gether..