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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goo goo g'joob

I feel unbelievably fat, horrid and disgusting right now.
I stayed over at a friends place last night. It was me and 4 boys (I mostly keep guys for friends, to skip the drama and they are a lot more fun to hang out with + they share the same interests as me). I couldn't risk them telling on me (to my 2 best girl-friends, I think they might...) so I ate and broke the fast after 120 hours. DAMN IT!
And since I stayed over, it continued in the morning and now it's night and I'm gonna have to fast tomorrow. I don't even dare to step on the scale now... I am the lardfucking Walrus.

Those last days before I broke it, I felt like complete shit though. I was dead tired all the time, I fell asleep the second I laid down, I couldn't concentrate, and let alone exercise much.
I was also rather pissy at times. Well, it's back to that now I guess.
I will do this, I will do this. I might have to break again in the future, but I'm sure as hell not giving up.
50 kg by June is my goal. I think it's rather realistic.

Too depressed to post pictures, sorry girls. I hope you're doing better than I am.


  1. 50kg by june is damn realistic! and i think you dont even need to fast. if u stay with low cal food and at around 500cals it will be totally fine. and u propably wont feel to bad.

  2. hey worries...
    we all screwed up..but chances alwys there..
    lets b more strong 2gether..
    remember dat u're not alone... ;)