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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Understand that Ana wrapped you like a bow

Day 4: Wow, this was unexpected. I weighed myself this morning. I was 55,5 kilos. This means I've lost 1,4 kilos since yesterday! (3,5 pounds)
I haven't really broken the fast, but I've been slacking off a little today. Only because I'm really tired, and I lost about as much I expected to lose in 3 days plus in a single day.
But yeah, I haven't eaten anything solid, but I've been drinking a blueberry tea resembling juice, and it's kind of sweet. It's to strengthen my immune system, because it kind of sucks. And when I'm sick, people around me are pushing all the time to get me to eat and drink.
Yeah, and I've had some liqorice mints. But they were really small...
And I also chewed food and spat it out so that my stepdad would see (not the spitting, of course).
I rinsed with water though. I don't think I swallowed anything, if so they were not much more than particles.

I'm so proud, because I've never fasted this long before. And the results are truly amazing...
95 hours, I've lost 3 kilos and my BMI has gone from 22,7 to 21,5.
Can hardly wait to get past 55, and not to MENTION 54! I haven't been on 53pointwhatever. I can't remember being below 54,3.

Hope you're doing good! Keep it up, it pays off and gets easier (although I've been a little tempted today... I might stop at 50, it all depends.)

PS: I've dreamt 2 nights in a row now that I was being force fed. It was a huge relief to wake up.

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