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Saturday, April 10, 2010

One day, I'll be thinspiration to all of you...

I'm starting afresh. I've had too many slip-ups, too many let-downs now.
These past 2 weeks I even tried not thinking too much about Ana or Mia, and instead exercise more and eat healthy. Frankly, it didn't work. I worked so hard, and I didn't lose a kilo. I just stabilized at 58,3. I need this. I thought I could do without it for the time being, but obviously not.
So that's my starting weight. Fat and short (160

But well, I've never been as determined as I am this very moment. I will do this, and I will be beautiful. And when I am, I will be an inspiration to all you other fighters, an Everyday Heroine.
My main goal is of course a body I'm happy with. I don't know where that is yet, but when I do, I'll let you know. So my main goal as of now is, at it has been for a long time, 50 kilos.

Goal 1: 55 kilos
Goal 2: 54 kilos (this is a huge one for me, because I can't remember being under 54,3... My lowest weight.)
Goal 3: 53
Goal 4: 52
Goal 5: 51
Goal 6: 50.

I want to be able to reach goal 5 before June 26th, which is in 57 days. I'll give myself 11 days to lose 1 kg.
If I'm behind schedual in the end, I'll do a 2 week fast which I've never done before.

15 April - 57 kg (hopefully... au revoir, food and water weight)
26 april - 56 kg
7. may - 55 kg
18. may - 54 kg
29. may - 53 kg
9. june - 52 kg
20. june- 51 kg

Yeah, so 20th of June with 6 additional days just in case. I will weigh myself tomorrow, which I have a feeling is not going to be pretty with today's intake, and then the 26th. I won't weigh in this Wednesday because I haven't had 11 days and I don't want disappoinment straight away. Plus it's more motivating for me to see the numbers on the scale mince a lot (especially when I'm this heavy, I might weigh less than calculated. Easier in the beginning)rather than a little bit from day to day, although it IS tempting.

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