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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Okay, so yesterday (it's 1.30 am now) I bid farewell to food for a long time. I ate a lot though. Eheh.
I am so motivated to start the MSF now, and you girls all seem so inspiring and very nice.
I'm certain we can make it. I'm looking forward to posting and seeing before and after pictures.
What sucks though, is that the night before the first of May, we always go out to celebrate. Always. And it's usually one of the best days of the year to me, and one of my best friends keep talking about it all the time nowadays. I think I'm gonna have to break my fast to drink that day... But I'll try to choose carefully and not overdo it by horging beer (my alcohol tolerance is pretty high, I can do in about 2 sixpacks...), and instead drinking diet soda and vodka or something.
Alcohol is something I'm gonna miss during this fast. No parties for me.
But the ideal is spending the money I would buy food or drinks for on cigarettes and coffee.
I mean, catching the bus before school, grabbing a cup of coffee somewhere, finding a bench somewhere in the morning sun, lighting up a cigarette whle listening to music and watching people stress by is close to bliss.

So yeah, today I've been stocking up on thinspo and watching both the Nana movies. I really like them, and the manga. The anime is also good, I love Anna Tsuchiya's voice.
I especially like Osaki. Her style is rather similar to my own. But both she and Hachi are SO skinny and lean in the movies.

Oh! And I bought a skirt today. In size M. Who knows, maybe I'll fit into an S soon enough.
But these sizes are rather small though, so M is fine right now. Besides, skirts can easily be fit.


  1. That skirt is so beautiful!!! I WANT IT!!!!

    Here is the official blog of the Midsummer's Night Blog!

  2. Love the skirt!
    Just randomly discovered your blog, and let me tell you- the pictures you've been posting are amazing, they really inspire me :)
    Keep it up and stay strong, girlie!!