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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

iScream for ice cream and sexual harassment

Day 2 of the fast - success. I really wanted to eat something a while back. But I found something else to do instead (I'm watching "Supernatural" and drinking rooibos tea).
Also, I've eaten ice cream (or a popsicle anyways). But the thing with ice cream as long as it's plain is that as long as I drink water on the side (it works without it but it's easier if you do) I can throw it up again without purging. And unlike other foods I can rid myself of it near to 100%.
Everyone in class loved the Oreo-truffles. Two other persons brought cakes, but I was basically harassed, so they must have been good. Shame I couldn't taste. One boy said he wanted 500 by tomorrow, another said "Marry me please. Have my babies." and one girl said "Would you mind if I showed my appreciation for your cake in a rather unorthodox way?" and I said "No, sure" and she cupped my breasts and ran off. Gah!

Well, anyway. I kind of envy my mom a little. She's on a protein shake diet. She drinks 3 bags of that stuff a day. They're 170 kcal each. Which makes [quick thinking] 510 kcal in total. But she's fat. And there's like no way in hell she'd let me pull something like that. And it's expensive.
Bleh, if I ever turn out like her, I'll probably commit Harakiri. With a harpoon.
I've lost count on how many failed diets she's been on...

I've bought meatballs to grill this friday, and baby corn, champignons and paprika. I can hardly wait.
But that doesn't mean I'll binge and fatso raid. I'll bring just the amount I'll eat, and no more. There's 500 grams. Each 100 gram is 198 kcals. There's no way I'd eat half a kilo of turkey meatballs, and with it 1000 kcal. But regardless, I'm riding my bike home, which is about 10 kilometres away, so at least I'll get some exercise no matter what. And at least I don't have to do it on an empty stomach, although I'll probably be drunk off the bat. I hate that beer and whiskey are so calorie-rich...

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