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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello there. I'm obese. I was 55 this morning, but could have been a lot less. I failed my mini fast. All in all i've lost (if i haven't gained again...) 3,4 kgs since the start of the mnf (8,5 lbs)
5 to go, in the first round. I'm gonna do better. I AM.
Today i've eaten some cottage cheese, an eggwhite with chili powder, cucumber for breakfast.
Lunch was a salad with dressing (gah!). In between was an orange and 1 and a half pear.
Protein Shake and workouts later on. Uncertain for tonight, but if i end up binging god forbid i know i won't live with the guilt. I'll purge. I hope i'll manage to stay away.
Drinking and grilling tomortow will do enough damage...
Oh. And my friend told me she saw Chase and MM in the city last night. Fuck. I mean, it could have been nothing. I just took it for granted that they weren't seeing eachother since she got a bf.
I sure hope she hasnt ended it with him. She and Chase used to be on and off about ALL the time.
Like Rachel and Ross in that show, Friends.
Better be just friends. There must be a reason why you always broke up, right?
I've liked him -er loved him- for three years now. He's the only person i'd do anything for.

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