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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So guess who broke the fast by being force fed PIZZA? Me.

...But then I woke up.
Gotcha there, didn't I? So I've been fasting for 44 hours now, and I'm still going strong. Day 3 is usually one of the hardest days though, right? That's tomorrow.
Anyway. I was serious before. This morning while I turned off my alarm and snoozed for half an hour, I dreamt that I was being force fed with pizza. By one of the extremely few persons I like in this world. Actually, he's my favorite person of all. He's the only person I ever fell in love with, and I haven't felt different in 3 years. I've almost won him over about 2 times now, but as for the time being, we're just friends. Alas, if I can only get that job we'll be moving out together this summer. As friends. But I'm ok with even that, because I like him so much merely as a person.
But yeah, he might be the only one I couldn't refuse if it came down to it, and he asked if I wanted pizza (hahah, my mother just called downstairs this very moment IRL. "Do you want pizza?" I replied "No thanks.") and when I said no, he fed it to me. I was so upset because I broke the MSF, and I woke up with a sweaty forehead. Glad it was a dream.

I don't think he would ever do something like that for real though. Besides, he can be very absent minded, so if I haven't become thin, established a healthy eating/exercising pattern by the time we move out I'm not sure if he'd notice me not eating. Or maybe when it comes to dinner, but I can say I ate out and the rest is cakewalk.
But then again, he'd probably want to split money for dinner. Hm.
But if the MSF works (no, when it works) I will have laid a great foundation for being happy with myself and healthy.
Today I've had 1 juicy fruit gum and 3 or 4 cups of coffee. When I bought coffee at 7 eleven though, they had some bargain offer and I was thinking "Wow, that looks good, I should buy that" but then I remembered, hey, I'm on a fast. Everything suddenly looked so good, and I wouldn't mind eating pizza either. But I won't.
The weaker I feel, the stronger I am. Come to me, dizziness, come to me weightloss.

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