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Monday, April 26, 2010

On theeee road again

Behold! The drop-dead gorgeous (and skinny) Nakashima Mika. My favorite thinspo of the now. Dumping more later, this will do for now.

Finally back on track. Jeez, about time. Luckily I didn't gain so much, so the first part of the fast was totally worth it. I'm hoping to be about 54 kilos before friday.
So yeah, we're going out to celebrate this friday. This means grilling, which I AM going to be a part of, but not hot dogs and shit. Shish kebab with vegetable or meatballs with vegetables or something of the likes, I think. No drunken kebabing or tours to 7-Eleven and BK.
This is the night of the year I usually get the most raging drunk.
I have 5 (imported; and stronger than regular) beers and 0,3 l single malt whiskey in the jar-o. There might be more to come, I'm afraid.
But I am fasting until then. Day 1 went perfectly fine. I'm a little proud of myself, because in English II class we have this thing on tuesdays.... Tuesday is cake day.
It's my turn. I've made Oreo-truffles, and I didn't taste it. What you do is you crush oreos with philadelphia (sort of like cheesecake batter...) and cover it in melted chocolate. Who's got the [will]powah?

Another thing that sucks is I have to attend a Bar Mitzvah (just not jewish. BM's are jewish, right? There's just no other word for it. It's Christian though) this saturday. Fuck fucketty fuckfuckfuck. There's gonna be a buff├ęt. But then again, I can eat vegetables, fruit, eggs (at least whites) and maybe a tiiiiny bit of white meat as long as it is not fried. Hopefully I'll be so hungover I want to throw up rather than binge though. No cakes. Absolutely not.
Someone once told me that prawns (when raw) are negative calories. The hell? That's impossible right?

I'm also joining the second part of the MNF, but I doubt that I'll be doing it until June 1st.
And I'm considering starting kickboxing. I think it looks awesome, it's a great and tough workout, and I get to release a lot of bottled-up anger. Huzzah.

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