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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 2 - Here comes the sun

Day 2 is going great. The weather is wonderful.
I'm a little reluctant to write that "everything is well", because anything can happen. But as long as FOOD doesn't happen, I'm satisfied. I wonderwall what my current weight is, but this time I won't fret over the 54 limit break, I'll just NOT step on the scale and silently pass it by. HAH.
I finished my Powerpoint presentation on Washington state, I turned in the semester essay and I have another math test this friday that I kind of did not know about.
Ah well. I'm in my base, drinking my coffee.
I have some time to write my OWN stuff now, my short stories and what not. I'm so glad I'm through with the essay. This actually leaves some free time.
My English probably sucks ass here, but hey, I promise I'm better in my mothers tongue.
Hope you're doing great, hope I'm going to do great. "Uptown girl" playing on the radio....
Lots of love and the likes.

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