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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I want your...

I'm updating from my iPhone, so please excuse errors, laziness and lack of pictures...

Anyways. Yesterday went fine, with a tiny slip-up which I couldn't help. Honestly. I still don't consider this actually breaking the fast, but I had a beer (100 kcal). Then again I got some unexpected exercise. Oh! And my waistline has minced by 4cm or so since last I checked, which is quite a while ago.

Now to how last night went down...
I don't know what's going on here. Chase was slightly tipsy egen I arrived. He'd been to Denmark and brought back heaps of cheap ale. He offered, I said no thanks. But he gave me one anyway. I had it. Oh well, we were drinking in his single bed while watching TV. I could feel his hand on my leg. We started kissing and this lead to that. I feel obese during sex. Disgusting. But quite worth it. This time I KNOW there were no strings... What made me feel bad is that he said it'd been 2 weeks for him, and he made it sound like such a long time.
And what might be worse is me not caring, and enjoying being taken advantage of.
I know he knows he shouldn't. I know he knows I still like him. I know. But I don't care. One day, when I'm thin and beautiful, I want him to fall for me. 
It made my day a lot better too. What can I say, I like smex. I almost missed the last bus at 11.55 pm. I wanted to miss it a little, but I don't like being a burden either. I ran, so SCORE! I got some more exercise. I also got yelled at this morning by my mother.

I hope this weekend works out... Sigh. Life is annoyingly complex sometimes. 
Today is day 3 and I'm doing better than yesterday. No cravings, no juice, only americanos, cigarettes and water.  

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