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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3 - Walk This Way

Still going strong! Even stronger, in fact. Nothing but double americanos, and make 'em triple, and water water water. The spring of life. I had some Cola Zero just now, and it kind of hurt drinking it. Weird. It got better though.
The only annoying thing about drinking so much is nature calls (and boy does it) about all the time.
Another thing I've noticed, and I have absolutely no idea if this is because of the fast or mere coinsidence, but my legs keep falling asleep. You know, pricking sensations. Yesterday at the café I didn't notice until I took a step. I broke down to my knees. It was quite embarrassing, really.
It might be nothing (but a little amusing actually), but I can't remember it ever being an issue before.
Also, today I've been having blue vision when getting up too fast. Sweeeet, the hunger pains I've been feeling seem like a really small price to pay as of now.
"Pain is just something you feel", my father says. True dat.
I've never felt like I could do this more than now. I know I can, I'm positive like two negatives.
And eating because it hurts too much starving is some major BS. It's all in your head (unless you've gone a really long time of course, or start experiencing things that could be severe), and more the fact that you are tempted.

My math test, on which I thought I was screwed [Cosine etcetc], went OK. I did 3/4 parts. If I did them correctly, now, that's a whole different question.

Hm, at this point I'm thinking that hey, maybe all I needed was a little sex. Haha, I've come to realize I sound like such a crackwhore on this blog right here. The truth: I dislike drugs, I only think weed's OK (Number of caused deaths throughout history: None) and I'm not cheap either. I'm very picky about guys. As I said, I only fell in love once. Because we're rather like-minded (in my humble opinion and expression anyways), and I think sex should be special. Unless really drunk. In that section I guess we're not so much alike. It's not that I don't want any, hell I could do 3-5 rounds a day. But not with just anyone. And I'm naïve, I ignore signals people are sending when they don't go well with the outcome I want. I'll stop going on about this until something happens now. So sorry. You must think me batshit.

My skirt arrived from Hong Kong today! About time. The straps are waaaay too long though. I'll have to sew them in. But it fit, and it's very cute.

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