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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Start over

I won't lie. I have an exam today. I was sleepy and couldn't study at all plus I'm on my period. So I ate. I BINGED. I'm horrible.

I want to do this SO bad, and I know I can't avoid drinking this sunday- but then I won't eat.
And until then, I won't eat. And it's my brothers birthday today, so I have to dodge cake and shit.
I still have so much work to do in school, I can't believe this is blocking for me. It sucks.
Maybe if I hadn't gone to the gym on monday...
Ew. I'm fat. I wa 55,2 this morning. Disgusting.
This will be the MNF day one, and although I'll have beer on sunday, I won't eat after that either.
And no juice.

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl, what a bummer that you binged..
    But its very logical.. 'cuz when you did'nt get enough sleep, your bloodsugar drops, and you feel hungry the whole day..
    So dont feel bad about it, it happend. Tomorrow is another day, dont give up (L)
    I still have 3 more kilo's (sorry, European weightsystem..) to go before i'm your weight!
    Good luck.

    Love, Anna