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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drag Me To Hell

I'm ready. Ana, hit me with your best shot. Hunger pains, headaches, tiredness, sleepiness, BRING IT BITCH.
I hate you. I also love you. But I will take you down.
Have you ever thought about it? Surrendering to ana is like selling your soul at the crossroads.
She helps you with your wish. A little pain, the loss is your gain. And when you're done?
Ana remains. Yeah, well, maybe you start exercising 3 times a week. Maybe you eat healthy.
But that consciousness? That conscience? You will probably not be able to eat a big meal at BK, or MacDonalds without feeling the slightest guilt. Not like your friends that hork it down and look like they won the Jackpot, like Happy Meals really makes their sunny day rather than the pitch black cloud hanging over you, that itchy feeling in your stomach that can feel like your highschool crush just ran over your family dog, Sparky.

I'm gonna make it this time.
Lose those kilos. The decade is ours. Every single one of us can do it this year. I won't be in the group that didn't make the cut. Will you?
Ana, here's my soul, here's my conscience, it's yours. Just make me thin, make me beautiful.
Fuck me over.
One day, I'll return the favour. Just lend me some strength for now.


  1. wow..
    What i beautiful post..
    You inspired me!!
    I dont wanna be in that group that failed either.. I wanna be able to show pics of myself in Australia looking skinny :D!!

    Keep up the good work that your doing right now..

    Love, Anna

  2. That's the attitude of a winner, I know you can do it!